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For two Washington cannabis brands, Endo Vibes and Relm Wellness, help from the Good Karma Coalition has been absolutely beneficial.

Both companies pride themselves on producing high-quality cannabis products with a focus on ethical practices. As a result, their involvement in the industry isn’t wholly motivated by profit. They do their best to create with products that benefit their communities, as well as their customers.

As the owner of both Endo Vibes and Relm Wellness, Matt Karuza lent ample insight into his company and the relationship with GKC. His businesses spent a very tumultuous period getting on their feet, and he spoke on how Good Karma Coalition truly came in to offer helpful support.

Endo Vibes

Many cannabis brands spread their efforts between different categories of products, but Endo Vibes is different. Instead, they choose to approach an icon of cannabis consumption, pre-roll joints, and do them like no one else. 

Utilizing stellar concentrates and premium flower, Endo Vibes creates phenomenal infused joints. They’re now processing through It’s a Plants Life in Sultan, WA. Beyond creating these downright dreamy joints, Endo Vibes operates with acute mindfulness of their environmental impact. Their joints come prepackaged in eye-catching, 100% recyclable aluminum casing. 

Relm Wellness

Operating out of Bellingham, WA, Relm Wellness creates beautifully aromatic, hemp-derived topicals out of all-natural ingredients from around the world. These topicals utilize the medical utility of CBD and CBG, combining them with first-rate essential oils.

Beyond putting together these amazing topicals, Relm Wellness focuses on educating potential buyers. They maintain active communication with customers, providing essential information on their products’ potential medical benefits and working to provide their customers with a uniquely beneficial product. 

Torn Between Quality Production And Sales

Both of these companies take steps to not only provide quality products but to benefit their customer base. However, being smaller operations, this laser focus on quality production and community enrichment comes with a cost. 

Specifically, both companies lacked the resources to manage sales in a way that promoted growth. According to Karuza, the owner of both brands, Relm Wellness and Endo Vibes had difficulty handling “every aspect that it takes to make a business successful.” 

With the balance between value adherence and business practices faltering, Good Karma Coalition was ready with a solution.

Becoming Part Of The Good Karma Coalition Family

At a time when both companies were having a difficult time growing their customer base, GKC stepped in.

Two years ago, both brands were brought under the umbrella of the Good Karma Coalition’s represented brands. As a result, both Endo Vibes and Relm Wellness began to benefit from GKC’s business acumen.

According to Karuza, this involvement completely revamped both brands’ trajectory. “GKC provides everything from branding and packaging expertise to sales and distribution,” Karuza says. “We credit them as a key partner to our success.” 

Placing Products On The Right Shelves

With GKC’s help, both brands found their products making their way into an increasing number of dispensaries around the state. They carefully choose which dispensaries in their network fit best for any of their brands.

“Good Karma Coalition doesn’t approach stores for a quick sale or to offload inventory,” Karuza Says. “They vet out vendors to ensure that they share [the] same core values.”

Because of this, both brands are recipients of a split benefit. First, they experience higher sales as their products make their way to an expanded customer base. Second, they rest easy knowing that their products are sold by businesses of like minds. 

The teamwork between GKC and brands like Endo Vibes and Relm Wellness represents a positive movement in Washington’s cannabis space. Small brands have the freedom to create customer-friendly products, and GKC ensures that those customers find them.


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