Glow Getter Collagen Blend by Whimsy Official

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The Glow Getter Collagen Blend is a plant-based beauty elixir made up of energizing and skin illuminating adaptogens and superfoods made to stimulate collagen production in the skin. Our vegan collagen powder is unique in that it's not made from rice bran solubles, a popular ingredient amongst plant-based collagen supplements. While rice bran solubles (commonly referred to as "tocos" or "nature's creamer") is a beneficial form of fiber, it is highly digestible which causes a majority of nutrients to be lost in the body's natural digestion process.

The Glow Getter Collagen blend is double-ground to dissolve easily in water and other liquids, making all vitamins, minerals, and nutrients highly absorbable and bio-available to the body.

Size: 1.6 oz

How to Use

Add 1 teaspoon to your Matcha, smoothie, coffee, or use it as the primary base for a creamy decaffeinated beauty latte or tea.


Clitoria ernatea (Organic Blue Pea Flower), Rhodiola rosea (Organic Rhodiola Flower), Lepidium meyenii (Organic Gelatinized Maca), Lycium barbarum (Organic Goji Berry), Opuntia (Organic Prickly Pear)

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