Relm is your source for the highest quality hemp extract topicals on the market. Our body butters and body sticks combine CBD and CBG with pure essential oils [Frankincense - Lavender - Arnica Oil] and other natural ingredients, sourced from all over the world.

Our hand-crafted collection of wellness products are formulated to help you feel at your best!


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Joint Problems

"I’ve been dealing with a jammed wrist for the past month. Tried icing, heat, icy hot, bio freeze, and Tylenol. Pain would come back stronger. Twice a day I used RELM; in minutes my irritation or the thought of pain was gone. I’m a true believer and would recommend it to anyone with sore joints or muscles."

Jordan | Recovery Body Butter

Love It!

"First of all, this lavender body butter smells amazing. It's also light and non-greasy, and it's been really helping with the tightness in my knee from an old sports injury. Would definitely recommend!"

Lauren | Calm Body Butter

Muscle Relief

"I use this product before and after every round of golf I play. I feel that this helps me with loosen my back as well as limit tightness the next morning. Also it doesn't have the pungent odor like Icy Hot that I have used in the past, can't even tell you have it on!"

Jarrod | Recovery Stick

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