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New Study: CBD Accelerates Muscle Recovery After Workout

Whether you’re a fitness maniac or casual gymgoer, you’ve dealt with sore muscles and stiff joints, especially the days following a workout. 

While muscle soreness is certainly not a bad thing, it’s often uncomfortable and affects your next workout or delays the time between workouts due to slow muscle recovery and in-turn, hinders muscle growth. Additionally, this can be a big hurdle for anyone attempting to get back into shape. This is natural, but is there anything you can do besides rest and nutrition?

Luckily, we have some exciting news on how incorporating CBD into your current routine could really help speed up your results!

Scientists at the University of South Carolina Aiken recently conducted a study to see if CBD (cannabidoil), which has shown anti-inflammatory effects in previous studies, would help with delayed onset muscle soreness DOMS - specifically after exercise induced muscle damage EIMD.

How CBD Helps Recovery of Muscles After Workouts | CBD Study on DOMS - Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Twenty-three participants completed a lower body EIMD workout prior to randomly being broken up into three groups and received either CBD oil, MCT oil or no intervention.

Each group met with the research team to report their level of pain and/or soreness, as well as other metrics at the 24, 48, 72 and 96 hour marks following the controlled experiment.

For CBD enthusiasts, CBD has been their secret weapon in bouncing back from strenuous workouts or helping to relieve old injuries. While the study is small, this information will inspire larger, more in depth studies, which we cannot wait for the public to read. At Relm, we will continue the pursuit of educating our customers on the benefits each cannabinoid holds to help them find the right combination for them.

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Susan calendar_today

Glad they are finally backing up the benefits of CBD with studies like this one! It’s about time.

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