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What is CBG and how is it made?

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What is CBG?

Everyone has heard of CBD and THC and their effects, but did you know there are over 100 cannabinoids in hemp? One cannabinoid in particular, CBG (cannabigerol), is typically present at about 1%, compared to CBD which can make up 20% of hemp, but what is CBG and what impact does it have on the cannabinoid community?

While CBG has not been talked about nearly as much as CBD or THC, this cannabinoid is really starting to make a name for itself and studies are showing that CBG is the next big thing in hemp.

How is CBG made?

Hemp plants are made up of tiny molecules called cannabinoids. These cannabinoids come in various sizes, with THC and CBD being the largest. Hemp first produces the CBGA cannabinoid, the precursor to THCA, CBCA and CBDA.

Enzymes in hemp break down CBGA into THCA, CBCA and CBDA. Acids exposed to ultraviolet heat or light become the most common cannabinoids: CBD and THC. CBGA then immediately converts to either THCA or CBDA. It's also important to note that typically, when more THC is present, less CBD and CBG are created.

Since CBD and THC generally take up so much mass within most hemp strains, the remaining smaller cannabinoids are conveniently classified as minor cannabinoids. Due to minor cannabinoids being generally less available, the research has taken awhile to catch up with the likes of CBD and THC. As expected, other cannbinoids like CBG, are showing tremendous benefits and many growers are now using cross-breeding to grow hemp with more higher levels of CBG.



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CBG Benefits

Our bodies have an internal system called the endocannabinoid system, or ECS. The endocannabinoid system is what regulates cannabinoids and their effects on our bodies.

Studies have shown that CBG helps with a multitude of physiological issues:

  • Endocannabinoid receptors can be found in eye structures and CBG may help treat glaucoma by reducing pressure.
  • Thanks to it's anti-inflammatory properties, one study involving mice found that CBG was effective in combating IBD.
  • CBG has also been shown to protect neurons in mice with Huntington’s disease. 
  • CBG is currently being studied as a potential cancer fighter.
  • Research in Europe has shown evidence that CBG could be used as an effective antibacterial agent and had success in combating MRSA. 

Scientists are very encouraged by CBG and many people are hailing it as the next big thing in cannabis. Many reports are showing that CBG may actually help more with pain and inflammation than CBD as well.*

At Relm, you'll find a selection for CBD + CBG topicals that are amazing for joints and muscles. As we continue to grow, so will our offerings of other cannabinoids, like CBN and CBC. More to come on those, but if you are interested in seeing how CBG can help you, head to our collection list and shop our premium hemp products!


CBD Roll On Stick | CBD Stick | CBG Benefits | CBD and CBG Cream | CBD Stick for Pain | Benefits of CBG | 500mg CBD Cream | Recovery Stick | CBD Calm Stick | Relm

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